Photos are easy to make. Photos are a pleasure to make.
They shouldn't be a pain to browse though.
That's why we've created Phot-Awe: a simple app, to help you easily find the photos you love.

about phot-awe

We've made Phot-Awe to help you make sense of the tens of thousands of Photos you have on your PC, and on your Devices (Phones/Tablets, Cameras, Sticks). By the way, do you still know where all your Photos are buried (Yes, we can help with that)?
It all started with an idea: you come back from your trip and see that you've taken 2000+ Photos. And you want to make sense of all that - which are the really cool ones, the ones I want to remember even 25 years from now?
Say you've made several similar Photos, just so that you'll later pick the perfect one. That's where Phot-Awe shines - you can easily see as many Photos you're comfortable at the same time, while still seeing a large one (the "Main Photo"). You can easily mark those you like as favorites and/or rate them. You can assign #tags (to easily find them later) and/or add notes - with Hotkeys, if you're keyboard savvy.
You'll notice that there's no wasted space. Anything you don't want to view at a time, just turn it off from the toolbar - so you can focus on what you love - Your Photos!

Say you've taken lots of Photos on your Phone/Tablet/Camera - and want to view them here. While Phot-Awe is running, just plug your device via USB, and Phot-Awe will automatically synchronize your Photos. It's a smart process, so next time it won't copy what we already have. You can synchronize with as many devices as you want - it's the same seamless process. And more, each device will have a unique folder under "My Devices" which you can go to, to find only the Photos from that device. If you want to see the Photos from all devices, just click on "My Devices" - and so on, you get the point. And, it works for USB sticks and for SD cards as well.

Filtering is another thing we're proud of. You can use the toolbar to search for #tags or locations, or just click on the "Filter" - any tweak you do to the filter will show you how many Photos that tweak alone would yield. Once you apply the filter, it will show, on each folder, how many of the Photos matched it out of how many total. Click on any folder, and it will narrow the search to that folder. And yes, it's blazingly FAST!

We think you'll love zooming. Once you turn it on, just hover over the Main Photo and we'll show you the zoomed content on the right. Thus, no more overlapping of the zoomed area. And, you can use the arrows/PgUp/PgDown to move to another Photo while zooming is running. So, if you want to easily compare some similar Photos, this just became an easy-peasy process! Finally, you can tweak how big the zoom should be from the Settings Page.

We couldn't be a Photo Viewer without a Slideshow feature. We made it just a bit cooler - by default, it will change the Photo every 2 seconds. Move the mouse to the right to increase the speed (up to 0.5s). Move the mouse to the left to decrease the speed - and once it goes past the middle, it will reverse the process, going backwards. Moving it more to the left, will once again increase the speed of going backwards (up to 0.5s).

We're waiting for Feedback from you guys. What matters to you most? Let us know, so we can implement it! In the mean time, we're currently working on a "Word View" map, so you can view exactly where you've taken each of your Photos. We expect to have that ready by mid-to-end of April. Another feature we want to add is a "Timeline View", where you can easily see bubbles of when you've taken Photos across time.