the mission

We've made Phot-Awe to help you make sense of the tens of thousands of Photos you have on your PC, and on your Devices (Phones/Tablets, Cameras, Sticks). By the way, do you still know where all your Photos are buried (Yes, we can help with that)?

It all started with an idea: you come back from your trip and see that you've taken 2000+ Photos. And you want to make sense of all that - which are the really cool ones, the ones I want to remember even 25 years from now?

Say you've made several similar Photos, just so that you'll later pick the perfect one. That's where Phot-Awe shines - you can easily see as many Photos you're comfortable at the same time, while still seeing a large one (the "Main Photo"). You can easily mark those you like as favorites and/or rate them. You can assign #tags (to easily find them later) and/or add notes - with Hotkeys, if you're keyboard savvy.

You'll notice that there's no wasted space. Anything you don't want to view at a time, just turn it off from the toolbar - so you can focus on what you love - Your Photos!

the toolbar

Every Photo command can be done from the toolbar, and some are accessible with hotkeys as well.

The toolbar should be as self-explanatory as possible, but if you think we've missed something, please drop us some feedback

We've put the commands in the toolbar in order of importance, from Left to Right - most important on the Left.

The Folders

When you run Phot-Awe for the first time, we'll try to find the Folders that contain Photos, and auto place them in the Folders/Albums pane. This might take a while, depending on where you keep your Photos.

We will smartly show you only the Folders that contain Photos. You can select any Folder(s), and we'll show you the Photos from those Folder(s) and their sub-Folders.

Just in case we haven't found the Folder(s) where you keep your Photos, you can simply drag-and-drop a Photo or a Folder, and we'll scan that Photo/Folder and its surroundings.

Once you're browsing the Photos that interest you, you can hide this pane (top-left button on the toolbar).

The Photos

This is where it gets fun. You can easily set how many Photos you want to see at one time, in order to find those that matter most.

The Main Photo is shown top-left. By default, it's 2x2 (relative to the other Photos), but you can make it larger/smaller (left-most slider on the toolbar).

The next slider specifies how many Photos you want to see in a row - the more you want, the smaller they will be, and vice-versa. You can change these at any time, and we'll update instantly.

You can also see the Photo Details (below the Main Photo), turned on by default. This will show you the Photo Size, Name, Date it was taken, Location. It also shows Rating, #Tags, and Notes - all of which can be edited.

The Favorites / Rating

Marking a Photo as "Favorite" is very easy. You just double-click it or press "Space" hotkey. Double-click it again (or press "Space"), and it will be un-marked as "Favorite".

You can also mark/unmark several Photos as well - just select several, and then press "Space" hotkey.

Rating works in a similar fashion. You can click on any star from the Photo itself, and it will rate it. Or you can click on the Photo Details pane (easier). You can also select several Photos, and then click to rate on Photo Details pane, and it will rate them together.

To make things easier, you can use the 7-0 hotkeys to rate a Photo from 7-10. This also works when several Photos are selected. And finally, if Auto-Favorites is turned on (by default, it is), once you rate a Photo 7+, it will automatically mark it as Favorite.

The #Tags and Notes

First off, we consider a tag, as something that pertains to a Photo, but you could find that something in several Photos. Such as, "#sunset". Or, anything that you like, and helps you easily identify the Photo(s) later.

The idea of having #tags, is so that you can easily filter Photos later. For instance, to find all Photos with "#sunset", just type "#sunset" in the Filter toolbar - that's it!

In Phot-Awe, we have two types of tags:
- auto-tags (that Phot-Awe automatically computes for you)
- #myowntags - these are tags you set on yourown.

The Auto-Tags are computed using the awesome TensorFlow Inception v3, from Google. And of course, as new updates from Google arise, we will work to integrate them into our software.

So, what type of auto tags can you expect us to find? Well, Inception v3 can recognize 1000 types of objects, and amongst them, your and our own favorites: Cats and Dogs! So, give it a try, and let us know...

When it comes to #myowntags, you can easily edit them for a Photo, or for a set of Photos. If for a single Photo, just type '#', and it will enter editing your tags for the given Photo. You can easily add new tags or erase existing ones.

One thing to note is that once you've created a tag, it's easy to reuse it. Just type #, and then while you're editing the tags, type a few letters, and we will auto-complete the tag.

When several Photos are selected, you can add or remove tags one at a time. Type the #, then the tag, then hit Enter, to add this tag. To remove a tag, just type !#, then then tag, then hit Enter.

To edit the Notes, you need to do it one Photo at a time. Just click on the Notes text box, and type what you want. When finished, move the mouse outside the Photo Details area.

The Filtering

To quickly find what you want, you can easily apply Filter(s). First, there's the toolbar, where you can quickly filter by #tags (with auto-complete, of course!).

Or, you can click on Filter, where you'll see a lot more options. They should be quite self-explanatory. One thing to note is that each row can filter out some Photos, and you will see in the last column, a preview of how many Photos each row filtered. And at the bottom, you will preview how many Photos are to be shown when the filter as a whole is applied.