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We've tailored our app to give you amazing results straight from our Startup Wizard. Click "Play" once it finishes. Like it? Click "Create Video". That's it!

Unleash Your Creativity

Ever wanted to create an awesome video and have fun doing it? Meet Phot-Awe. Applying and Tweaking Effects to your Photos/Videos is not only seamless, but it's addictive too! Just Play. You have Instant Preview everywhere. The resulting video is just a cool side-effect!

A Video Editor Made To Impress

We've worked together with Professional Photographers, so that our Effects and Transitions really spice up your Photos/Videos.

Awesome Effects At Your Fingertips

Not only are they stunning, they're also easily customizable - with just a few clicks. And your preview updates instantly!

Your Adventure - In HD

It's a Story. Simple to edit and enhance - each Photo/Video has an Effect associated with it. It can easily be changed and/or customized. In between consecutive Photos/Videos, there are Immersive Transitions. Once again, easily changeable/customizable.

FREE while in BETA

Get the App for FREE while in BETA. Subscribe now, and you'll get the first 3 months 50% OFF, when we launch.

New Effect Packs Every Month

Each month we add an awesome set of Effects, Transitions, and Text Effects. Be the first to get it! Also, as an early bird, let us know what Effects you want, and we'll do our best to accomodate!

Our App in Windows-Only for now. Care for another Operating System? Drop us an email!

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