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Find Your Photos on the World Map!

You've taken tens of thousands of Photos, but do you remember where each? Just take a virtual trip around the globe, featuring You!


We're grouping your Photos by locations on the Map. For any location you can just hover with the mouse, and see previews of the Photos you've taken there, or click that location, and we'll automatically zoom in on that. If a Photo has location information, you'll see a "Globe" on its top-right. Click it, and it will show you where on the map you took that Photo. And as a bonus, you'll see if you took other photos around there...

Rate / Pin

While on the World Map and previewing Photos, you can mark any Photo as Favorite / Rate it or Pin it.



No wasted space

One thing that stands out: we've combined having a "Main Photo" with seeing surrounding Photos at the same time.

You'll notice that there's no wasted space. Anything you don't want to view at a time, just turn it off from the toolbar - so you can focus on what you love - Your Photos!


Looking at the Photo that interests you, while not losing focus of the rest. You can tweak this from the toolbar, and see as many Photos as you're comfortable with at a given time.

Full Screen

If you want to see the Main Photo in Full Screen, just press Enter. To come back to Phot-Awe, just press Escape.


You can easily mark those you like as favorites and/or rate them.

Favorite / Rating

You can also use Hotkeys, if you're keyboard savvy: Space - to toggle whether the Photo is Favorite; 7-0 to rate a Photo from 7 to 10.


You can assign #tags (to easily find them later) and/or add notes.




Don't remember when you've taken some of your best Photos? Let us show you, on a virtual Timeline. It starts from the first Photo you've taken, up to the present day.


We will group your Photos into dates when you've been Photo-active. For each such group, we'll show you the number of Photos you've taken, which you can expand (and see gradually smaller groups), or View in Phot-awe.


Next to each group, we'll show you Moments - which are Photos taken around the same time, like an afternoon getaway. You can view more details about each Moment, or view a Moment in Phot-Awe.


Next to that, we'll show you how many Photos from that group you Loved (Favorited), Rated, #tagged or Commented on. Just click on this small button, and we'll take you to those Photos.


Say you've taken lots of Photos on your Phone/ Tablet/ Camera - and want to view them here. While Phot-Awe is running, just plug your device via USB, and Phot-Awe will automatically synchronize your Photos. It's a smart process, so next time it won't copy what we already have.

Multiple devices

You can synchronize with as many devices as you want - it's the same seamless process.

Devices separation

And more, each device will have a unique folder under "My Devices" which you can go to, to find only the Photos from that device. If you want to see the Photos from all devices, just click on "My Devices" - and so on, you get the point. And, it works for USB sticks and for SD cards as well.




We think you'll love zooming. Once you turn it on, just hover over the Main Photo and we'll show you the zoomed content on the right. Thus, no more overlapping of the zoomed area.

Easy to use

You can use the arrows/PgUp/PgDown to move to another Photo while zooming is running. So, if you want to easily compare some similar Photos, this just became an easy-peasy process!


Finally, you can tweak how big the zoom should be from the Settings Page.


Think of tags as keywords you can add to a Photo, such as "#coolsunset". Once you add a tag, adding it again will be very easy, since we offer auto-completion - just type of few letters, and we'll do the rest!


You can edit tags by going with the mouse and edit the tags, or by pressing # (Shift-3) Hotkey.

Auto Tagging

In addition to your #tags, we also have automatic tags - the ones we find for you. We'll automatically find dogs, cats, lakes, buildings and such - we use the awesome Tensorflow from Google.




Pinning allows you to easily select several Photos from anywhere on your PC, no matter what Filter is currently set. Say you're browsing through 2000 Photos, and you want to decide which ones to share on Facebook. As you browse, several Photos catch your eye - you pin them and continue browsing. At the end, you filter by "Pin" (on the toolbar), and easily see just the Photos you pinned. You can now easily compare and decide - which will be the winners?

Note that Pinning is not saved to disk, so anything you pin is lost when you restart the application. This is the desired behavior - if you want something persistent, just mark the Photo(s) as Favorite.

As a bonus, pinning works on the World Map as well!


You can use the toolbar to search for #tags or locations, or just click on the "Filter" - any tweak you do to the filter will show you how many Photos that tweak alone would yield. Once you apply the filter, it will show, on each folder, how many of the Photos matched it out of how many total. Click on any folder, and it will narrow the search to that folder. And yes, it's blazingly FAST!

Speaking of Folders, they're pretty smart - we only show you the folders that actually contain Photos, so the tree itself is quite manageable from your point of view. For each Folder you'll see how many Photos that folder and its children have. This gives you a very easy overview as to where the Photos are at - click on a folder, and we'll only show you the Photos from that folder (and its children).




By default we sort your Photos by time. But you can customize that as much as you wish: for instance, you can sort by Folder Name, then by Time, then have the Favorites first.

Smart Slideshow

We couldn't be a Photo Viewer without a Slideshow feature. We made it just a bit cooler - by default, it will change the Photo every 2 seconds. Move the mouse to the right to increase the speed (up to 0.5s). Move the mouse to the left to decrease the speed - and once it goes past the middle, it will reverse the process, going backwards. Moving it more to the left, will once again increase the speed of going backwards (up to 0.5s).


Enjoy all features now

We want You to enjoy viewing your Photos as much as you enjoy making them.